Compulsory Purchase & how you can help

Waltham Forest Council Cabinet members will decide on 15th July whether or not to enforce a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), aimed at acquiring the EMD/Granada cinema from current owners, Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG).

Details here

This follows UCKG’s failure to agree a sale of the building after their planning appeals were rejected in May 2013.

A successful CPO will enable ownership of the building to be transferred to Waltham Forest Cinema Trust (WFCT), for its revival as a major entertainment venue.

WFCT has established a fully costed business case making a CPO viable.

Please let the council know you back a CPO by emailing the decision makers. Copy & paste these email addresses:;;;;;;;;

You can also post your support to:

Sam Neal, Environment and Regeneration, Sycamore House, Town Hall Complex, London E17 4JF

The deadline for comments to the council is 1st July.

Please share & spread the word to help boost a successful CPO.



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6 Responses to Compulsory Purchase & how you can help

  1. phil Kinrade says:

    This historic building must be saved and given back to its original purpose anything else would be scandalous.

  2. Arvind Parmessur says:

    I do not understand why the Councillors are taking so much time in making the decision of briging this historic building back into public/social ownership.

    This building is not only historic, it is architecturally unique. I was saddened when it was divided into smaller screens but at least we could experience the beauty of its main auditorium and the beautiful plaster works/design. Now we have an opportunity to involve the whole community to bring this building to its original glory and open it as a community resource as part of the regeneration of the town center and the Borough as a whole.

  3. Helen Driver says:

    I have recently moved to Walthamstow and am hoping that more independent companies will emerge in the neighbourhood. I am horrified by new gambling shops opening and chains taking over the high street. This is just another example of a corporation which is completely out of kilter wanting to take over a building with a complete disregard for its historical and cultural significance. I believe we must restore it to its original state, which would create new jobs opportunities and give Waltham Forest a chance to be a creative borough which supports the arts and independent businesses.

  4. Lorna Jonns says:

    I would like to be involved in trying to save walthamstow cinema
    It must be saved .

  5. TIM SAVILLE says:

    I remember this cinema from my youth in the 60s. It would be a disaster if the community were to be deprived of such a fine building as a cinema.

  6. Rianna Walker says:

    I loved going to this cinema. When i was young, in the 90’s, with my family would go every Saturday. And i was and still am very sad that this beautiful building is not being enjoyed and shared by the people in this community. I would hopefully one day show my niece and nephew and one day my children this beautiful cinema and she enjoys it the way i and my family did when we were young.

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