Which cinema?

The EMD/Granada, 186 Hoe Street, London E17.

Save from what?

Being converted into another use – principally as a place of worship, which has been the aim of The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, since it took ownership of the building and closed it as a functioning cinema in 2003.

Who are Save Walthamstow Cinema?

A group of local residents supporting the aims of Waltham Forest Cinema Trust, The McGuffin Film Society¬†and others in re-opening the EMD/Granada as a cinema and live entertainment venue – it’s sole use since opening in 1930.

See Timeline: 2003 to Now page for a potted history of the story so far…







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  1. Hi

    I was born in Walthamstow and lived there until 1997, I am a big fan of Cliff Richard and the Shadows and perform in tribute bands, it would be absolutely brilliant to see the place where they performed restored to its former glory. If i can be of any assistance in your cause please do not hesitate to contact me.



    Steve Reynolds

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